As a child if you knew me, you knew I loved Scooby. The dog talked, it was as big as a person, and very comical. I've wanted a Great Dane for a long time, and I have no doubt that part of it was influenced by Scooby.

Over the years I've been exposed to a few (not tons as it seems people are nervous about them due to their size or health issues). They've always been very gentle, loving, and have a need of physical contact. Honestly they seem to me in a lot of ways what I love in a dog, right down to their size.

Well my parents have a neighbor with two. One (not pictured here) is 10 and here is her 3 year old. Both of her dogs were dogs she rescued from different places. This little guy is a lot of amusement, but probably a lot of frustration as well because he's deaf. Still, the owner gets by and loves them tons. I swear every time I see those two I get a few inches closer to finally getting a Dane myself.


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