Slowly going out for drinks with Shelly and Wendy is becoming a monthly ritual. And - it appears - we are adding more and more people. Which is cool since I haven't met a friend of Shelly's or Wendy's that I didn't get along with.

Prior to going out, however, I headed over to Shelly's to be her little tech support. I messed around on her computer, cleared up some issues, and left some pending for Monday when I will be back over there (sorry Dan & Sherry!). She's got a pretty cute couple of cats, and they're always friendly (especially Mocha).

So here is a shot of Shelly, Val, and Wendy (and me!) at the Monterrey Grille in Caledonia . I really have to remember to not order certain types of drinks at sports bars. Like Sangrias. Seriously. If you dont know how to make it - don't have it on the menu. They didn't even use red wine in it.


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