Alright, yesterday was slightly expensive because I ordered a new phone. Today was much more expensive because I bought a car....

My Taurus was slowly spiraling down the drain (though it still runs) and honestly another winter was probably not possible with it unless I put money into it for more repairs. So no.

So I've been looking for about a month and a half for a new car and finally settled on one. Now while what you should look for in a car is reliability, durability, etc, I was looking for sync. I'll be damned if I drive another 10 years a car with a shitty stereo and no cd player. So this new Fusion has both the 6 disc changer and the sync system. What does that mean? That means hello ipod - you're my new music library. And it means bluetooth through the stereo for phone calls. Hawt.

So my cousin Sherry was awesome enough to drive me out to the dealership (and feed me <3) so I could pick up the car. Ty ty ma'am. She also took this picture. :)

Not bad for a used car, eh? Now to just figure out how to do stuff on the pre...


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