Tonight was a charity event (Children With AIDS Benefit) at the local concert venue Intersection. Apparently Chris has some co-workers that have been training and will be climbing Mt Kilimanjaro.

The night was pretty fun. Lots of interesting bands which included Twice Since Yesterday (which featured one of Chris' co-workers), Liz Larin (interesting nearly all 1-woman show and local to Metro Detroit I believe), The Outer Vibe (local GR band), and was headlined by Brian VanderArk (Verve Pipe).

All in all the night was great, and even had some fun discussing a poster in the woman's bathroom. I took issue with the I am strong etc etc comments on her face followed by the fine print from the right to life organization and completely overlooked the glaring headline Chris pointed out - "Some Choices Are Not Worthy of A Woman." The weird thing - I totally thought it was about domestic violence at first.


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