This Tuesday was full of critters asking for attention. First I came home to be greeted by the ever adorable Peppy, peering out of her cage.

On lunch there was a hungry cat stalking me (the diet is killing him - or so he constantly tells me through his behavior).

When I arrived home I was assaulted again by Leki while I tried to play some Metroid Prime 3 on the Wii and prep dinner for Chris and I.

Like last time, the meatballs came out a little too large so a recipe that is supposed to yield 70 yielded 30ish... oops. But they were tasty none the less (no thanks to the tasty cream sauce from Ikea my parents gave me on their last visit).

Anyway, here's a shot of the meatballs I took after eating them. This time around I made them with turkey and pork vs beef and pork. With the sauce and egg noodles they were pretty tasty. Yay for getting recipes from overseas!


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