So I finally tried a rather unholy creation - habanero + chocolate. I'll eat some spicy food, and I have a love of chocolate so when my parents gave me this bar of chocolate I was hesitant but willing to try it.

Unless you like the sweet taste of chocolate to be associated with your tongue on fire - dont eat it.

Also yesterday - and completely unrelated to chocolate - I noticed that the car charger I have for my pre lights up yellow. Well, for some odd reason the Fusion comes with this goofy ambient lighting. So I had to see if I could make them match. Not quite, but its something. So in the photo you see the yellow surrounding the Sprint swirl and to the right the yellowish rings that surround the cup holders. There are lights on the floor by all the seats too (back included) and you can change them from red, yellow, blue, orange, etc etc.

I still cant quite figure out why its there. But I know Sherry likes it. :)


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