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This Saturday Chris and I celebrated my birthday, since it falls on a Monday this year. I'm not going to lie, I'm not accustomed to being the center of attention for birthdays as an adult - and most of mine have been rather lackluster (which is what happens when you get older and this is not a complaint). Well he was rather determined to make it not suck.

So first were the balloons, as seen above and decorated with cute phrases. There was even an orange balloon with Leki drawn on it. birthday banner he put up in his apartment across the hallway. He cooked me tasty breakfast and we watched amusing tv shows for part of the day and took me out to dinner in the evening. As if this wasn't enough, he bought me a hilarious card I couldn't stop snickering at. I forgot to snap a shot (will have to and upload it to flickr) but its a my little pony card that speaks to you. Seriously - I kept playing with it. Very funny. And, like a man who knows me and thought about the gift, I got computer hardware. GoGo terabyte external HDD. Hawt. Very hawt.

And of course there was cake. I mentioned the tasty cake Kati used to get from a Mexican Town bakery that had jelly filling between the layers, and Chris snagged the closest thing he could find. It was good. He even made me wear a hat and sang happy birthday to me.

Very good day.


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