Youmacon is an anime con that occurs during the last weekend in October each year in the metro Detroit area. This year marks year five for the event and they continue to grow at a rate that they sometimes struggle to keep up with.

Amanda, Chris, and I arrived in the early afternoon at the Hyatt (where the event is held). We checked in, dropped off luggage, organized provisions and headed out onto the con floor.

Since it was still early afternoon the hotel wasn't overflowing with otaku - yet. We did see storm troopers though (3 total this year vs the lone 1 I saw last year).

I wanted to wander into the dealer room early this year, since last year I had difficulty finding a little stuffed Kirara doll (from InuYasha) I wanted. This year I managed to secure one early. I also stumbled across various odd Final Fantasy VII gear, like the above pic.


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