Sunday marks the last day of Youmacon. The traffic flow was lighter, the lineup of events less intense, and overall the median age of attendees seemed to drop by several years. I even ran into a Naruto that I think was only 5.

Chris and I originally were going to watch the main event Potter Puppet Pals in the morning, but we waited in line for over 45 minutes past when the event was supposed to occur and finally ditched the idea and checked out of our hotel room instead. I dont know that the event ever occurred.

Later we went to watch Otaku Family Feud as it was pretty entertaining last year. But this year it was was a little lackluster and slow.

We did listen to more of The Spoony Bards for a bit, and even saw a random Carmelldansen circle.

Still, it was a good weekend and I look forward to how it pans out with the event being moved to the Renaissance Center next year in Downtown Detroit. Its a bigger venue, for sure. but how much space exactly will they be taking up?


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