Sunday after class I sort of just hung out. I poked a bit with a few different things until I finally settled on a few levels of Little Big Planet, which Chris picked up the other day.

After thoroughly enjoying LBP for a bit, I started working on making some doughnuts in the deep-fryer Chris picked up as well as some 3-cheese tortellini.

Leki, as usual, was checking out what was going on. He's taken to sitting on one of the chairs and watching the activity on the dining table unfold, if permitted.

After a tasty dinner, and once all the doughnuts were done, Chris and I skyped with Adam and Comfort (TheUniques) for a bit and watched a movie. I'm not terribly comfortable with video chat (even though its been around for ages and I did it when I was much younger) but anytime I talk to Adam and Comfort I have a good time.


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