Monday was interesting. Work was like a ghost town - which is to be expected in the time between X-mas and New Years. I rocked the hackintosh on lunch, picked up a larger bag for the netbook and all the accessories (which have grown since x-mas). I stole the idea from Chris - who calls his netbook bag a "go bag." Clever, really. Has everything in it you could need - including cables for charging electronics, the netbook itself, usb/sd cards, etc etc. In mine I've tossed in the mp3 player, the external DVD-ROM drive I got from Chris, USB wireless mouse, and some additional accessories. They more or less go around use of the hackintosh, but there are a few odds and ends.

At home I worked further and finally got a working, bootable USB drive with Snow Leopard on it. Finally, I was able to use the retail copy I picked up. OF course I discovered that Snow Leopard is rather insistent on having a GUID table vs. an MBR, which is what my current hard drive is. So that opened up a whole other issue since I'm not too keen on reformatting the windows partition after getting the pre hack software and tethering software to work perfectly with it. So I backed up the partition and am hoping to restore it once I have everything formatted properly.

Of course, I would also like to put linux on the box so I haven't decided which item to install first. I was assuming that Mac OS X would go last and I could use the Chameleon bootloader to choose between OSes but I'll have to check and make sure nothing funky will happen with that before installing Windows/Linux/Mac OS.

Palm came out with a new WebOS update - so Chris and I spent part of the evening uninstalling a few patches and updating the phone, then reapplying the patches. Actually downloading and installing the updates took the most time - as it always does. Of course, its not that surprising since I'm sure a lot of people were all trying to download those 13MB at the same time....

Last were the odd series of Martha Stewart quotes in each dove chocolate I ate today....


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