When I first enrolled at Wayne State University right after high school - I marveled at the choices you had for what times and days you took classes. Days, evenings, weekends, etc. But, I always scheduled classes in the early morning (typically 8am) and always a week day. I told myself I'd never, EVER take night classes or weekend classes. That was MY time to play video games, see friends, and read books.

Then I thought maybe I wanted to try Vet Tech - and I was only a semester away from finishing up at WSU with my bachelors - so I enrolled in the Vet Tech program as well. Draw back? Those classes are only at night because they utilized the WSU buildings/labs and a large group of their students worked full time.

I graduated WSU and ramped up my 30 hour work week to 40 and continued to take classes - at night. I had voilated my own vow from years prior.

Fast forward to years later while I'm living in Grand Rapids and working full-time for a decent company that offers tuition reimbursement. So I decide this is an excellent opportunity to go to law school. Employment was relatively stable, I got tuition reimbursement - it was worth the risk. I signed up and took the LSAT, signed up for law school at the local (and only) law school in Grand Rapids. My intent was to take classes at night, starting in May, '09. But then my job started looking shakey and I moved up my timeline - which meant enrolling in weekend classes in January '09.

And now, a year later, I find myself working at the same place (after being released and re-hired), and taking the same class load (only two classes), but now I'm taking them on a weeknight and a weekend.

Hello adulthood.


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