On Tuesday the open beta for Star Trek Online began. So I wandered over, snagged a beta key, and added it to my account (pictured). I should have been paying more attention in the days leading up to today – I may have been able to download the client a smidge in advance. I started the download as soon as I got home – hoping that somehow I may be able to check it out. While I don’t have high hopes for STO, I do want to check it out and an open beta is an excellent time to do just that. Sadly – all the clients available for download were terribly slow. Someone had a torrent up which I had hopes of speeding the process up (go go P2P sharing) – but no. When I went to bed the 6.6GB file was at 7%. That’s after it had been going for about 4 hours…. Here’s hoping that by Thursday (the next evening I’ll have free time) its done downloading. Since the beta only lasts till January 26th, I’d like to get it downloaded sometime soon….

While I waited for the game to download, Chris and I hung out with Leki, who rolled around like a dork on the coffee table. He’s a big fan of it – especially since Chris put down a little rug for him to lay on (ok really, its to protect the table but no doubt Leki thinks its just for him). Chris used to have a little square of blue just to add color and what not to the center of the coffee table, but every time Leki got on the table he just skidded around and knocked it off. At least this larger solution isn’t quite so mobile.


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