I loved my PS2. Loved. I bought first gen because I loved my original Playstation so much. I had to have the thing serviced 3 times at a local service center (thank god) in Farmington Hills because it was scratching discs (known issue), and giving me disc read errors (known issue). All the repairs were done free since it was a hardware issue on Sony's part. And STILL I remained faithful - I was impressed with the game lineup, the system itself, etc.

The issues with the PS2 make me skeptical about getting a PS3 right away (though I was most definitely buying a PS3 over a Xbox 360 - there was no doubt). So I waited. Finally I snagged an old 60gb PS3 that was 100% backwards compatible with PS and PS2 games. Why? Because I didnt want to maintain 2 different consoles to play games between the PS3 and PS2. I understand why Sony did it (PS2 was eating into PS3 sales, blah blah) but I still think it was a mistake to remove the backwards compatibility - especially given the price of the console.

Thats ok - I was willing to deal with the dickish move on their part about that, and the hardware issues I had with the PS2 because my love for the PS and PS2 carried it.

Well - at this point I'm just not impressed anymore. I dont use my console all the time. I wish I did - but I dont. I dont have time. So every time I boot it up (or really, every other time) I get an update. And to do much of anything - I have to update. There are firmware updates, then updates specific, it seems, to the game I'm trying to play...etc. Honestly - thats killing it for me.

I wanted to check out the Playstation Home. I had made an avatar well over 6 months ago but never really ventured forth into the Home. So I did. So I have to update my installed version of Home....ok.

Then I have to download the central plaza. Unless of course I just want to hang out in my "home" the entire time. *sigh* ok.

Then I have to download any zones IN the central plaza. So by this point I've had to download an update to Home, download the central plaza just to get to an area where other people are. To interact with anything IN the central plaza, I basically need to download it.


Then I go into the movie theatre. I had read in a magazine awhile back that I could view movie and video game trailers in there. Cool. So I attempt to get into one of the theatres - because I've already downloaded the theatre itself.

Then I have to download the content from the theatre. But instead of it downloading ALL of the available content - it only downloads the room you're trying to access. So each trailer you want to see needs to be downloaded individually.

Once you get into the theatre (and you've downloaded the central plaza, the movie theatre, the theatre room) you have to wait for the item you've downloaded and are attempting to watch to buffer. Yeah. Thats wonderful. Thanks.

All of this wouldnt be so bad if it didnt take 30 minutes for 7.7MB to download. And I have a really hard time believing this slow speed is strictly due to my connection.

Really, since the console is connected to the internet all the time - it should be downloading these things in the background. I poked around a little bit in the settings but didnt see anything about setting that up. My Wii has this option. So I'm either overlooking the PS3 having this or it just doesn't - which is foolish.

So inspite of having hardware issues on my PS2, and some crappy lineup in terms of games for the PS3 when it started out - I was forgiving. Constantly requiring me to connect to the internet to download updates to do anything AT ALL (thus slowing me down from doing what I want to do with the console - play games - which is what its intended use is, despite any arguments Sony attempts to make otherwise) is making the console more and more frustrating.


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