For awhile it seemed like the iPhone was getting all the good apps. I even read that Final Fantasy was going to appear on it. Sure I've played through that game several times, but I've never beat it! And even if I had - I'd totally want to play it on my phone (since I carry my phone with my everywhere and my DS is buried somewhere in my apartment along with my GBA's.

So when Chris sent me a message through google reader that Assassin's Creed was available on the Palm Pre - I was excited. Had I played the other games? No....but they looked interesting. Honestly I'd be more inclined to devote my time to an RPG, but that request is pushing it and besides - most of my energy is going into Dragon Age at the moment.

So I downloaded the game on my lunch break. It was 6.99, but I almost never buy any apps (most of the ones I use are free or homebrew) so I figured it was worth the risk. And you know - it is. For what the game is it works well. Its nice looking given the platform its on, and the opening cut scene is pretty nice. The controls are more intuitive than I would have expected as well. So I'm pleased. Hooray for the pre getting some love!

After work I headed out to class. It had been snowing for a bit, so the commute was a little longer than usual but not terrible. And after class Chris and I watched a bit of the State of the Union that was DVR'd before both passing out on the couch. Good Wednesday overall and I'm looking forward to Thursday evening where I can tinker with the computer parts that have been arriving.


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