It was a pretty quiet day.  A lot of people were out of the office or in the field, so not a whole lot of buzz occured in cubical-land.  I was able to get the remainder of my homework completed on my lunch break, which freed up my evening and weekend for virtually whatever I wanted.

In the evening after making some progress in Dragon Age, Chris and I watched an interview that had occured earlier in the week between John Stewart and Bill O'Reilly.  Now, I love my cat.  He's got his quirks but Leki is a good cat.  And most of the time he's indifferent to the TV, but for some reason he was pretty engaged in the discussion between Stewart and O'Reilly.  Now Leki never cares when we watch The Daily Show, or anything else for that matter.  Flip on O'Reilly thought....

I think we have a republican cat.


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