Leki is a curious cat.  He loves investigating new things brought into the apartment, new locations, new people.  He insists that he does all these things without constraints and human intervention - which is why he'll often let out an ineffective hiss if he's being transported or prevented from getting at that shiny new object.

So when the cable guy showed up in the evening, Leki needed to see what that dude was doing.  There were things being moved, new contraptions being revealed.  It was all very interesting.

This of course meant Leki needed to be sequestered elsewhere.  Now he's not a fan of being locked away when there is activity going elsewhere.  Even if the activity is scary - he still wants the ability to peek around the corner and see it.  So while I sat with him in the bedroom it took a good 10-15 minutes for him to finally settle down after alternating between scratching the door, scratching the carpet, and meowing occassionally.

Eventually he migrated to sitting patiently in front of the door.  When the door finally opened - ZOOM - into the living room!  And since the cable guy was gone, that meant investigating all the areas he had been.

Sometimes Leki is very dog-like.


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