Leki is officially 2 years old today.  That might not sound like much, in fact it's not really much in the scheme of things - but it marks 2 years of owning a cat.  And a very cuddly, curious, orange cat at that.

Leki (aka Meow Meow) was 5 weeks old when I got him from a family in Greenville.  I nearly got him at 4 weeks, they were so anxious to be rid of all the kittens!

And at 5 weeks Leki was still not fully weaned.  He milked all sorts of tassles, wouldn't use the litter pan unless I was present for months.  It was adorable but obvious he'd left his mother too young.

Fast forward 2 years and it's time to celebrate the birthday of a kitty who loves to be involved in anything you're doing - at any cost.

Obviously from the picture we put on the obligatory party hat (photo courtesy of Chris). We then put some candles in his birthday food (not sure he was impressed).  Once those were removed and we were done singing (yes, we totally sang the cat happy birthday), he came over to check out the food. Finally we chopped it up and he dug in.

After he stopped eating he spent another 10 minutes or so just purring loudly.  Loving all of the food and attention.


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