After class I came home and wanted nothing more than to bake a few things and veg out playing Dragon Age.  So that's basically what I did.

While the bread machine worked on some cinnamon roll dough I wandered around the cavernous halls of Orzammar in Dragon Age.  When the dough was finally complete, I took a break and created some tasty cinnamon rolls.

Later I tried my hand at a recipe I'd stumbled across in my google reader for tiny meatballs in a cream/milk sauce.  The meatballs tasted fine, but the rest was meh.

In between all of that Chris's receiver died, so we went out and snagged another one.  So now we have lovely surround sound again just in time to watch the latest Caprica (which, technially, aired on Friday but hooray for the magic of DVR!).


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