I've been on a pretty heavy kick lately with video games.  It's been awhile since there have been so many games I've been interested in released so closely together.

There was Dragon Age that I received late last year, then Star Ocean came out (though I've not picked it up yet), then Heavy Rain (which sold me on the demo - I had misgivings before that from all the previews I'd read) and of course Final Fantasy XIII.

So needless to say my latest ventures have more or less involved PS3 games and not much else.

So, as if I'd not gotten enough in the way of video games the day before, I booted up the PS3 when I got home and played some Heavy Rain.  I'd made considerable mistakes but knew I was near the end and wanted to see where that would take me.

All I can say is "...oops."  The ending was not what I had hoped for, but through all the mistakes I'd made it was what I expected.  That's not to say it was disappointing.  Not in the least.  And I will definitely play the game through again (there are multiple endings).

Interactive drama is an appropriate categorization of Heavy Rain.  And it's a very impressive game.


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