Sunday we spent the day traveling around downtown Chicago, checking out Millennium Park, the L, and more.

So the first stop was Millennium Park and Cloud Gate (or lovingly called the Space Coffee Bean by me).  It was interesting and there were a lot of people enjoying having their reflections come back to them distorted.

We checked out the rest of the park, saw The Crown Fountains and some other sculptures then headed over to a Graham Cracker Comics to peruse the latest books.

A friend of Chris’s suggested checking out a gallery at a place called Rotofugi, so since we were on foot we decided to take a series of trains and subways across town to Rotofugi

Coming from a city that has virtually no public transit, it was a thrill to ride the L and enjoy the public transit system.  Admittedly at first glance it was confusing.  There are several different colored lines that go various places and junctions you need to stop at and switch trains, if necessary.  All in all It is an amazing thing and I can see how it would be very useful for a lot of reasons.  Imagine how much reading, studying, or video game playing I could get done if I took public transit as opposed to driving 40 minutes to and from work!  It may have its own cost associated with it, but the freedom from driving and spending money on gas and parking is likely a worthy trade-off.

So we trekked over to Rotofugi only to find that the gallery was closed though the store was open.  No matter!  We saw crazy vinyl artwork for sale and enjoyed a walk through a very hipster neighborhood.  I saw several non-purse dogs draped in sweaters and the like.  Amusing and very much what East Grand Rapids strives to be in some ways.

On our way back I was getting increasingly hungry. I’d already eaten my “emergency” muffin at the start of the day and needed lunch.  So we wandered down Division, me getting increasingly irate, looking for somewhere to eat. Finally we stumbled upon Pizza Metro.  A charming little joint that is littered with football (that is Soccer for you Americans) paraphernalia.  My dad would have loved it. 

And that was pretty much it for the day. With the three hour drive back home we made it back around 7:30, in time to hang out with Leki and assure him we still love him.

If you'd like to see more photos of Millennium Park, go here. If you'd like more of Downtown Chicago in general, go here


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