Classes have started back up again, which means reading and briefing cases.  So on lunch I decided I'd try doing a little homework at the Cascade Township Park as opposed to in the office, where it is always noisy on lunch and difficult to focus.

Unfortunately it didn't work out too great.  It was really windy and difficult to keep the pages down to read while typing notes on the netbook.  I tried moving to a few different locations until I finally gave up and tried to finish some reading at my desk back at work.

Still, it was nice to be outside even if it was only for twenty-minutes or so...

In the evening, in celebration of Star Wars Day (May fourth --> May the fourth (force) be with you; it's a play on words) Chris helped me prep a photo of the Village of Empire sign and I uploaded it to flickr.  Watch out for those raiders on the dunes, by the way.


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