We're in late June again which means another JAFAX anime/manga convention out at Grand Valley State University (GVSU) in Western Michigan.  This year marks their 15th year, which is impressive since the event is free for attendees.

There were plenty of cosplayers to see and some interesting programming to watch. We got to swing by and see Adam and Comfort who are the creators of The Uniques comics over in Artist Alley and spent some time with my friend Amanda as well.

My interests at cons are typically in main events and costume contests.  So we spent a large amount of time people watching and poking around at a few panels and events. Youmacon, which is held in Detroit, is a much better con for these types of things though it has far less emphasis on viewing rooms if that is your thing.

It was a good Saturday.  Chris and I enjoyed spending time with Adam and Comfort after the con was over, hearing about their experiences on the whole thing.

Next year's Sweet 16 themed event is definitely going to be an interesting one. 

For some photos of the con see my flickr set here.


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