Chris's friend Jeff is a huge zombie fan. Huge. So what better way to celebrate his 30th birthday than with a surprise zombie attack?

In preparation, we baked some cupcakes and Chris decorated them fantastically, complete with two-toned dirt.

We got some old clothes and zombified them then did makeup and headed over to Jeff and Stephanie's.

The plan of action was a simple one. Jeff would come home with some friends. They would immediately be attacked by a lone zombie in the yard. Jeff would then have to progress through the house, collecting med kits and ammo cases planted throughout, eventually ending up in the basement where the party was.  So Chris and I hid in the shower, ready to attack.

After Jeff had made his way through the house someone jokingly suggested we take a stroll down the street - so the entire horde did just that.

Stephanie and Mark put a lot of thought into the gameplan and did a great job setting up for it - complete with nerf guns, a hatchet, and a baseball bat. It was very well done.

There are a bunch more photos on flickr and Chris has some pretty good video of the whole event that you should check out!


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