Lunch was pretty good.  I used a coupon I'd had for a free Biggby to get a tasty caramel apple cider drink and I was able to enjoy some reading.  It was pretty busy at Rosa Park circle, and as you can see, bright out.  Lots of classrooms taking trips downtown to see ArtPrize exhibits.

After dinner Chris and I had a nice stroll down Kent Trails.  It's getting cooler and the leaves are starting to turn, though as you can see there's still quite a bit of green left along the trail.

Also, as promised, I've slowly been adding some photos to the renaissance festival set I have on flickr.  There's about 30 of them, and I've got several more to upload yet, but it's something.  Mostly from the joust and birds of prey shows.  Anyway, if you prefer an embedded slideshow theres one on the Michigan Ren Fest post.


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