After the delicious steak dinner Chris cooked for me, we took a stroll down Kent Trails to enjoy the nice fall weather.  The leaves are turning so the trees are even more colorful than in the middle of the summer.  Plus, the light coat of recently fallen leaves really makes the ground quite vibrant as well.

As an added bonus, weather is still warm enough that it's comfortable to take a stroll without having to bundle up tightly.  Hoodie weather is great weather indeed.

We'd spotted deer a few different times earlier, so I decided to bring my camera. Fortunately there were some deer and other critter along the path that I could snap a quick shot of in the fading light.

Of course, with the sun setting and the trees heavily shading the path, I had to bump the ISO up to the max my camera does, 1600, which means a lot of noise on the pictures.


NICE noise!! :-)))

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