Originally we started out the day with plans to hit both the local Renaissance Festival at GVSU and Robinette's Cider Mill.  Plans to visit the festival at GVSU were quickly scrapped after noticing they were having a home game for football.  I'm not a fan of football and I'm not interested in fighting to pay for parking when it's normally free.

So we headed over to Robinettes for some tasty cider and to partake of the obligatory fall cider mill festivities. I was pretty hungry when we arrived, so a quick doughnut and cider were scrapped for a full blown sandwich.

There were lots of people around, and tons of children enjoying the warm weather and all the various structures Robinettes has play on.

I thought about the corn maze briefly, until I remembered my horrible sense of direction and quite frankly, the area had too many people for me to be relaxed.  I took a few photos of the area, and we headed home (where I promptly took a several hour nap).

It was a good day and I'm looking forward to checking out the Renaissance Festival at GVSU tomorrow.


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