Dual-boxing (controlling two characters at once in a game) is one of those things I've always kind of been interested in but never really explored.  It always seemed like a really complicated setup and I never felt like I had a decent way to do it.   Well, no more.  Yesterday I did some reading at dual-boxing.com (which has a nice wiki) and downloaded some software to try.  I didn't have much success but I didn't spend much time. Today was better, though admittedly I need to research some more before really being successful at it.

As you can see, I'm using World of Warcraft for this experiment since I know the game well and there are a lot of tutorials geared toward it.  Eventually it think it would be fun to try this on other games, but first I have to try to get it working in one I know. So far I've got the keystrokes passing from one computer to the other, but I still have to figure out combat. That's alright through - World of Warcraft trials are 10 days long.


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