Happy Birthday to the man I love! Chris is a year older today, so that means celebrating with tasty cake and presents!

I'm really fortunate to have met Chris.  He's intelligent, funny, rational, and calming when I'm flustered and high strung (which can be a lot of the time).  He's incredibly good natured and well loved by all the pets, including the parakeet who has hated everyone until now.  I try really hard not to get too cheesy, so I'll just say that I love him and I'm really happy to be celebrating another of his birthday with him.

We got up early in the morning and did presents.  Then we dashed out to K-Mart to see what actions figures they had on sale for the DC 75th Anniversary sale.  We did miss the rush - the figures were mostly picked over. Who knew K-Mart opened at 8am every day?

Chris spent a chunk of the afternoon enjoying his new iPod Touch, taking multiple videos including a cool compilation of different parts of a fall walk around the neighborhood.  The iPod Touch has a lot of different photo options, so he played a bit with the hipstamatic program as well.

We attempted to get the marsmallow fondant onto the cake with disastrous results.  I was having difficulty with the fondant sticking to everything...so when Chris and I went to transfer it to the cake and it wouldn't let go of the aluminum foil we were using (attempts with wax paper were equally unsuccessful).  Still, it's tasty.

Anyway, here's a slideshow of the day's festivities for your enjoyment, complete with crazy fondant cake ablaze with candles.


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