It was a pretty beautiful day out on lunch.  It was warm enough to have lunch outside, but I'd already committed myself to walking to the Grand Rapids Public Library and check it out. It's been several years since I've been in there and since I work only a few blocks away it's no big deal to swing by on lunch.

Everything pretty much looked the same, though I did notice there are hand sanitizer stations in the middle of the hallway when you first walk in. Odd.

They have free wi-fi in the library, and it's quiet.  It's a great place to get away on lunch and have a little peace and quiet.  I left my Kindle at my desk but I did have my trusty iPod touch, complete with a Crunchyroll app to stream anime on.

I'll definitely have to swing by in the winter months and have some quiet away time from the office during my lunch break.  Provided the sidewalks are cleared well enough to walk in work shoes a few blocks over...


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