It's Thanksgiving today, so Chris and I headed out in the morning to the metro Detroit area for tasty food with my family.

It was kind of a crappy drive; foggy most of the way.  But things got better once we arrived to my parents.

My parents have recently installed hardwood floor, blinds, repainted, and bought some new furniture.  So when I first walked in it felt like a new house - outside of the layout of the floorplan, very little looked the same.

It looks good.  Very good.  I didn't think hardwood floors would look good there - but they do.  It's very updated and very nice looking. It will be interesting to see what happens in the next year when they remodel some other parts of the house.

We had a delicious lunch/dinner, and hung out and chatted for several hours.  Here's a few shots of the day.

Anyway, Thanksgiving is about driving, turkey, and pie. Don't let anyone tell you differently. ;)


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