And...things are slowly going back to normal after having a few extra days off, making this a four day weekend.

I played a bit of video games in the morning.  This time I booted up World of Warcraft.  I love Lord of the Rings Online but I really wanted to see the changes to the various zones for the upcoming expansion.  So I poked around my horde and alliance characters. I had no idea that they'd flooded Menethil Harbor or set fire to portions of Darkshore.  There are some pretty interesting changes throughout and it makes the idea of rolling another toon from level 1 less painful.

We headed out late Saturday morning to do some laundry.  Ok, not some. A lot. And by "we" I mean Chris.  I'm not the most picky when it comes to sorting laundry (which means whites can turn pink or other colors of the rainbow) so Chris typically does it.  But, I come with him and hang out, enjoying reading on the Kindle and the change of scenery.

After laundry and some errands we came home, enjoyed a few rounds of the new Donkey Kong Country Returns and started the anime Ergo Proxy.

Finally passed out finishing up The Time Machine.

Was a good Saturday.


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