Today has been just a random assortment of things. We did some running around for a few hours to different local Meijer stores, searching for some cheap action figures (since they're on sale this week).  I stumbled across a plethora of Webkinz, including an opossum. I looked for a ferret but no such luck.

I played some Lord of the Rings Online just doing miscellaneous quests I'd had sitting in my log for awhile. I figure with Cataclysm coming out in a few days I'll likely be absorbed with that, so best to spend some time in Middle Earth now.

Dinah got to spend a much larger chunk of the day in her away cage while Chris hung out in the living room. Leki left her alone for the most part so she was able to relax a bit more.

I did make some cookies (chocolate chip) and still have some dough in the fridge chilling.  I'll attempt gingerbread cookies tomorrow night I think.


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