I'm on vacation for the next three days, which means lots of free time to do random things.  What's on the agenda for today? Cataclysm.

I played World of Warcraft off an on most of the day, reading news articles and preparing dinner (tasty chicken cordon bleu) between breaks.

I took a stroll in the afternoon just to get out of the apartment. It was chilly and started to snow as soon as I hit kent trails. Still, it was nice to be out and about. A good break from the frustrating news coverage, to be sure.

I also slapped together a quick video while I was messing around on my Worgen. I've always been amused by the dances each of the genders and races get, so I was amused to see that the Worgen dances like Lady Gaga in her Poker Face video.

My favorite is still the Night Elf doing Michael Jackson moves though. 


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