Friday has been a little bit of everything and nothing. There are a whole bunch of things I haven't done (bake, organize, clean, clear our my RSS folder) but there are a fair number of things I have done (video games, tv watching, eating).  

I took a stroll along Kent Trails mid-morning. It was pretty quiet and not nearly as cold as yesterday or Wednesday. 

In the afternoon Chris and I decided to do a mini-marathon of The Walking Dead.  It's a zombie show on AMC based on the comic The Walking Dead.  I wanted to read the comics before finishing the show, but after listening to Adam and Comfort yesterday I decided I'd try watching it to see how it holds up as a show as opposed to a comparison to the comic (which is how they are trying to look at it vs a lot of people we know are looking at it).  We're 1/2 way through episode 5 (out of 6) and so far I'm on the fence.  It's kind of like The Stand meets zombie movies.  Unfortunately, I don't really care about any of the characters. Maybe that will help me not have nightmares (as I'm not a huge zombie fan, but vampires have been destroyed in recent years).

Around 4:30pm we caught wind that Bernie Sanders had been "filibustering" in the senate on the tax cut since 10:25am, so we stopped watching The Walking Dead and turned on C-SPAN 2.  Amazingly there was hardly any coverage on any other news channels and barely anything in print.  Guess that's why it took us 6 hours to hear anything.

We've been watching C-SPAN 2 for a few hours now. On a Friday night.  And I'm totally digging it.


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