If there is one thing that local media and weather stations love, it's news of impending rough weather. Coverage can be non-stop, blown out of proportion, sensationalized.  Sometimes the coverage warrants it, sometimes not. Last year our local weather went a little crazy with news of a snowpocalypse.  This year I haven't heard quite the same fervor around the incoming storm, however.

Where I'm at, I've barely seen anything; maybe 1/2 an inch.  I know other parts of Grand Rapids (especially east of us) were worse.  Heck, it was slushy and icy when I was out earlier on the east side of US-131, just not the west side (and typically the heavier snowfall dumps west of US-131).

I've heard through twitter, facebook and even World of Warcraft that there's crazier snowfall in the Flint and metro Detroit area, with intermittent internet outages and crazy limbs falling.

Hopefully you are snuggled up somewhere warm and safe, even if there's no snow to be seen.  It's just the time of year for that sort of things.


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