So yeah...that's what happened today.  We left mid-morning to run some errands and stopped off real quick to wash the car.  As we were leaving someone backed into us and took out the driver-side mirror and smacked into the driver-side door as well as the passenger door.  It's amazing how easy the door crumpled...

I was able to get a claim in with insurance right away, but when I called to add information (and see where to email photos) I was on hold for quite a while. So long in fact that I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies and after 2 hours I just hung up.

We didn't have a whole lot planned for the day outside a few errands, so we got home and had a lot of the afternoon left.  After cookies were baked I decided that more World of Warcraft was in order. Through the wonders of facebook I discovered several months ago that a childhood friend of mine, Wendy, plays World of Warcraft with her husband. So I decided with the new expansion to re-roll (that means create a new character on a new server) an alliance character on her server and I've been having fun with the new quest lines.

Meanwhile the cat has been enjoying staring at the bird in her "away cage" for most of the evening.

It's a good evening and I look forward to seeing what sort of snow (if any) we get tonight. Since we're supposed to get a lot...we'll probably get nothing.


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