...at least since 1993.  I'm a fan of nearly all things fantasy, so when I was introduced to the Xanth series as a little kid I was hooked for several years.  I may not be a master at quipping puns, but it was amusing to read pages packed full of them.  One year a PC game called Companions of Xanth came out based on one of the books - Demons Don't Dream. It was a computer game packed with puzzles (based on puns and consequently I wasn't very good at at first) and fantasy creatures.  A true delight.

The box for this game survived and somehow through the years it has become tradition to wrap gifts in it.  Unlike today's game boxes, this made of thick cardboard and oversized - slightly larger than a sheet of paper.  Perfect for wrapping books, video games, DVDs, or anything else you can think of.  It may not get used every year, but anytime I lay my hands on it I'm sure to put it back into the family gift-giving circulation.


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