Alright, so maybe I'm more "in" the skywalk than on it, but for some reason I think of Simple Mind's song Up On The Catwalk every time I walk through this thing (even though they are completely not related, at all....).  As a kid I didn't know what a catwalk was so I thought the song was more or less referring to Cat Woman walking up on some precarious beam stretched across two buildings under construction or something.  I didn't know any of the other lyrics to the song so it almost made sense to me...  Anyway....

I had a delicious turkey and cranberry lunch at the Skywalk Deli with Lori today.  I good last lunch out for the work week.  We both discussed our plans for the upcoming holiday, which more or less involve hanging out at home since neither of us are barflies.

Looking forward to more lunches in the new year!


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