Yeah, I know, another quasi-World of Warcraft post. But it's what I did today! I spent a bit of time questing and working on a new, and amusing quest-line.  With the revamp to all of the older areas from the original World of Warcraft (vanilla), there are a lot of new quests filled with a more engaging storyline and cut scenes. So in this particular series of quests, the Murlocs (who are an enemy that you do fight, and are quite annoying most of the time) are being forced into slavery, and they need help.  So I just created a little slideshow of the various quests.

Aside from gaming, Chris and I did serious amount of grocery shopping.  Lots of things were getting low, which meant we had to pick up lots of supplies.  I don't enjoy shopping, so I spent a lot of this session trying to amuse myself with a tetris game involving the contents of the cart. It makes shopping tolerable.


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