It was a busy Tuesday evening. I bounced around in front of the TV playing Kinect. I like playing a few of the sports in Kinect Sports (and I'm not even a sports fan) and, since it's all over Raptr, I can't hide that I've started playing a dance game. I never really got into DDR, but I imagine this is similar but without the board to step on. I'll still only play the if the cat is the only one in the room.

After I was done playing wit the xbox for a few hours (more in the last few days than in the whole time we've owned the thing) Chris and I started to prepare to watch the State of the Union and play SOTU bingo!

It was a good few hours with speeches, twitter, bingo, and plenty of snark. As you can see, I won! Even after missing a few items due to distractions from living room discussions and twitter following.


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