Chris has been on the hunt for a replacement rug for as long as I can remember. Today a replacement rug was finally procured! Chris also re-arranged the living room to be more Kinect friendly (which meant temporarily removing the coffee table).
Leki is a big fan of the change. He loves new stuff - whether it is open floorspace or new toys - both of which he received today. Chris had several cat toys that Leki took an immediate liking to.
As for me, I spent several hours bouncing between twitter, the Guardian's live blog, and live streaming coverage of Egypt by Al Jazeera. There are several journalists on the ground live-tweeting the goings on in Cairo and elsewhere. As you can see from the picture above, I opted to switch from cable TV news coverage to more in-depth live streaming on my iPod touch with Al Jazeera's iOS app. It's big news - heck, even Attack of the Show did a short segment on Friday, which is a day they don't air new content.

If you haven't heard anything on the goings on in Egypt, I suggest you check out those sources for more information.

Also, this article is a good read on why the US doesn't get Al Jazeera - in case you were wondering what the network was or why you might not have ever heard of it before.

Ok, enough news and politics. Tomorrow it's back to your regularly scheduled boring daily photo posts!


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