This afternoon I decided to hook up the Kinect to my laptop and try getting an MMO working with it. Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO was having some server issues so I snagged the keybindings from FAAST's forums and booted up World of Warcraft (WoW).
The bindings are very basic - just an introduction. I plan on elaborating on them over the next week or so and trying both WoW again as well as LOTRO. I also need to figure out how to capture video with both the video game and the FAAST software (so far I've only managed to capture one or the other).

It does add a whole new level of game-play and I'm excited to play with the Kinect some more.
With the newly open living room space, I decided to try the Wii Fit again. It was sure to let me know I've been absent for a year and a half. Oops.


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