I spent a big chunk of the morning playing more Rift. I'm getting more into it, and it's a pity the beta closes Monday. I was enjoying the PvP!

In the evening after getting some chores done Chris and I snagged a pizza and settled in for the evening. Originally we were going to watch a movie since Chris had watched most of the commercials yesterday and neither of us care about football. The plans quickly changed while we were watching the Puppy Bowl and realized the snarkfest that twitter could be for the game.

So we set up the laptop with some tweetdeck searches going and let the game play in the background. Most of the evening has consisted with Chris fast forwarding through to the commercials (Thor and Captain America premiered during the game) and me working on the netbook, messing with FAAST keybindings and reading google reader.
As you can tell from Chris's photo, it was an exhausting night for Leki. Too much snark perhaps?


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