It's been awhile since we've been to Palmer Park, so Chris and I headed over there this afternoon since a large portion of the snow has melted. The park entrance was closed, so we drove around to another entrance and walked up next to the golf course. Oddly enough, there was still a decorated tree on the green of the golf course.

We noticed immediately when we got into the park that the boardwalk was missing. The sign was spray painted and the path the boardwalk wound through torn up. It was a little sad, since that is our favorite part of the whole park.
So we decided to wander around the other parts of Palmer Park. There's a road clear of any snow, so we walked that through part of the park. There's still a lot of snow on the ground in some parts, some areas deeper than others.
When we got closer to the main picnic and play area of Palmer Park we stumbled across what looks like a replacement boardwalk. The old one had charm, but was loose, uneven, and rotting in some areas. so I guess it wouldn't be that surprising if they replace the whole thing.

The spring and summer will be interesting as the boardwalk replacement is underway..if that is what those planks are.


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