After making a pit stop in Davison to look at a wedding chapel, we arrived at my parents house around noon where an epic easter basket was waiting to be picked apart.
There was lots of candy to choose from so I took a few shots messing with a zoom filter I bought off of deal extreme a few months ago. It's designed to mostly distort the images around the edges and it does an interesting enough job. I really should more seriously mess with it and the extension tubes, especially now that flowers and greenery is starting to come up. But I digress...
It was a good visit with the family. Jeff showed off some cool video editing projects he'd been working on and Chris and I showed off Settlers of Catan to my parents. We'll have to carve out a Saturday to come back down and play with my dad - he seemed intrigued.
Tons of tasty food to be devoured, including lots of strawberries and bananas (both of which I ate copious amounts of). But the day wore on and we had to leave to start the long drive back to Grand Rapids. Most of the drive was visually interesting. Lots of clouds against the setting sun made for a nice view. So I was able to snap a few photos and just enjoy the ride.


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