I've played Portal on and off since I snagged it on Steam last year. It's a fun game, but I really only ever played it in small chunks.

Well, with the discount Amazon had over the weekend on Portal 2, I was in a rush to complete the first one before 2 arrived. Amazon shipped lightning fast and the game arrived a day ahead of schedule.

So I spent a chunk of the evening finishing up the last two levels. Level 19, the last level, in particular was amusing. While i enjoyed all the other levels, this was by far my favorite. And I finally understood the love and fandom that this game has.

Before the last level, I was mildly amused by the game and enjoyed the puzzles, but after playing the last level, I get it.

Plus the ending song [video] is incredibly amusing (and catchy). Now that some bonus maps are opened up I'm looking forward to playing those.

But first - I insisted that Chris and I play for a few minutes in the Portal 2 Co-Op. I'd heard reviews that it was harder, and frustrating, but so far we had nothing but fun. I'm sure the frustration comes in the later levels.

I'm really looking forward to playing more soon. And when Chris is busy, I still have the entire single player campaign.


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