It's Father's Day! We've had a pretty good day. Quinn slept in, had fun sharing Chris's father's day gift (super hero duplos) and running around the John Ball Zoo. Chris got to take a mini-nap and enjoy a relaxing afternoon.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there (hi dad!).

Chris wanted to spend part of this weekend building some shelves. Since we were already out and about for swim lessons, Quinn and I ran a bunch of errands around town.

Around 3pm this afternoon 3 adorable puppies showed up in the lobby at work. Someone who works in the building owned one and brought in their siblings.

They were so adorable. Puppies should definitely visit offices more often. 

So I texted a co-worker that I was going to be late in the morning so no one would worry I had been in a car accident.

When I came in to the office there was a sympathy card and flowers (picked fresh from the side of the road) for surviving my not-accident.

These guys are so silly and a great group to work with.

We did some swimming practice after dinner tonight. Usually when we go the kids area water toys are off, so it was fun to see them on for a change.

After reading a scathing (and amusing) review out loud on the Pepsi Fire, that same co-worker picked up a 12 pack for everyone in the office to try.

We will see...

So I'm starting Couch to 5K again. I had nearly finished it and then found out I was pregnant (and started spotting) so I stopped a few summers ago. Since my work gives a discount on membership at the YMCA and I'm already taking Quinn for swimming lessons, I thought I'd squeeze in some exercise on my lunch break.

 We took a road trip over to the east side of the state with some friends of ours and their daughter who is 3 1/2.
It was their first time at the Detroit Zoo so we had a lot of fun showing them the cool (also known as air conditioned) buildings. Unfortunately it was 90 degrees today, just like the last time we took Quinn.
After, since we are so close to my parent's house, we stopped in so the kids could take a break and wade in the pool.

The Grand Rapids Public Library had a construction vehicle petting zoo! Quinn enjoyed looking at the different vehicles and exploring downtown Grand Rapids.

He's perfecting pouting for things.

I ran some errands during my lunch hour and snagged a cheap meal at Costco. It's convenient working so close. It's just 5 minutes away.

I'm really enjoying the sunshine during my lunch hour.

Awhile back Quinn and I planted some seeds in small pots. They've since outgrown their small homes and it was time to move them into something else.

Unfortunately we have a lot of wild animals that come by. They nibble down most of the hostas and other plants, so I know I can't create a garden without a lot of work.

As an experiment, I thought we'd try a small portable planter called City Pickers.
I'm sure it's designed for growing things on balconies in apartment complexes, but it should serve our purpose on the deck. I also picked up a rectangular net called Pest Guard from Amazon, since the local stores here didn't sell anything like this.

I replanted the carrots, sunflowers and basil that had outgrown their little pots. Quinn helped and now we can watch together and see how they grow.

When I left home there was blue in the sky, but as I traveled east it became foggy and overcast. Hours later the fog is gone but it's still overcast.

We may have finally found something the toddler will eat while out and about. Pancakes.

I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

We spent part of the day at John Ball Zoo, which is the perfect size for a toddler to run around at.

It's National Doughnut Day, which means tasty pastries at work.

Chris went out with friends to see Wonder Woman so Quinn and I stayed in and had a movie night of our own.

A co-worker took a late lunch and picked up shakes for everyone. So delicious!

Who doesn't love sunshine and blue skies?

After two busy days we saved Monday for a quiet day at home. Quinn and I did head out to the park for awhile while Chris was working on the yard. He really enjoys pulling his wagon around the neighborhood.

We spent Sunday at Greenfield Village with Grandpa Karath, Uncle Jeff and Grandma and Grandpa Oslund.
It was sunny, it was hot, and it was a lot of fun. 
 Quinn had a good time exploring all of the new places. Since Greenfield Village is so large, there are seemingly endless places for him to run to.
 He enjoyed the classic cars driving by, the train, and all of the animals.
He took a two hour nap in the car and woke up asking for a milkshake. He has such great ideas.

Since it's a holiday weekend and I have Monday off, we drove to the east side of the state to spend some time with family. We visited the Ann Arbor Hands On Museum, which is great for kids.
 We were able to find a quiet restaurant so the little one could take a break from all the excitement and eat some lunch.
He had a lot of fun in the hotel room as well. He really enjoys going on new adventures.

A coworker brought in space cupcakes. Delicious!

These single serve items have really taken off in the last several years, with these brownie and cake mixes popping up now. Chris tried making his own years ago. With a little preparation you can set up several single serve mixes at once for future use. Or you can divvy up a cake mix box as well.

This store only had one flavor - sour cream. At least they had some, even if they're the wrong flavor.

I'm having a surprisingly difficult time trying to get Chris some Lays Stax that he likes. I've been to several stores and they've all been out.

They're getting quite the collection of Star Wars specific Father's Day cards at the local Target.

This is the first time Quinn has licked an ice cream cone. A much different experience than using a spoon and was a little confusing at first.

He really enjoyed this fish tank at the Grand Rapids Public Museum.

Sometimes the most fun comes from a delivery's packaging.

I do love spring days with sunny blue skies.

Toddlers do some interesting things with their toys.

The toddler brought me all of these shoes. Every. Single. Shoe. He. Could. Find.

After work Quinn and I went outside to water some plants. He has his own watering can now and he's very excited.
We also started some seeds in his very own pots. He was pretty excited to drop seeds in the dirt.

Today is my Mother's day and I was greeted with some flowers and chocolate as well as a tasty pancake breakfast. Then we all drove over to the YMCA by my work because I wanted to take Quinn there for swimming. He had fun, but was a little hyper since it was a new space.

All in all a good Mother's Day.

Mothers Day is this weekend so we drove to the east side of the state to celebrate early with family.

Quinn really enjoyed a cupcake for lunch.
 And he had a lot of fun driving a truck around Grandma Karath's apartment.
 He played with some sidwalk chalk at Grandma and Grandpa Oslund's house.
 And ran around like a maniac at the nearby park, enjoying all of the different slide options.
He was so exhausted from such a fun filled day that he slept the car ride home and stayed asleep when he was moved to the crib (which he doesn't often do).