The little one woke up pretty early, so I convinced him to go outside and take a walk with me. He rejected the nature trail by our house outright - I think I took him there too many times and he wants to see different things.
So different it was! We wandered near a golf course, played in some dirt, and enjoy the start of our day together while Chris was able to enjoy a quiet morning alone.

He's debating where to put all of the barricades on the map.

We were up early, as we usually are. What better thing to do on a Sunday morning than catch the animals at the zoo before it's too hot. The penguins were very active! Usually we catch them right around feeding time so they're mostly standing around hanging out. It was fun to watch them zoom around in the water.
With the train play structure gone, this is his next favorite thing. If he notices this tractor, he's all over it, driving places and taking people with him.
Of course no visit would be complete if we didn't swing by Redd's Farm where goats lay around, enjoying being brushed by small kids for hours on end.

 I went for a run early in the morning, as the household was waking up.
After Chris ran around in the morning with Quinn, we spent part of the evening at a local park. There are multiple playgrounds spread across a forest, so it's a great open space for him to run around in.

Quinn went to bed early, Chris fell asleep early, and I was able to hang out a little on the deck and enjoy the quiet. I did not appreciate how much the little one would talk, and talk, and talk, and talk all day long.

They had a relaxing evening together.

I woke up early and most of the household was still asleep, so I left a little after 6 to go running. It's too humid out. Gross.
In the evening we made some cloud dough and played for a little bit. He had fun, but I was a little sad to realize I didn't have the right kind of food coloring. Next time!

 We went early this morning to vote in the primary today.
In the evening after work we took a stroll down Kent Trails. He wanted to try out the wings on his shoes!

It took a few years but they're becoming fast friends.

 I decided to bake a pie for work.
Quinn, ever the helper, wanted to bake too. So we brought up some of his kitchen supplies and he got to mixing...
...and plating his creation.

 It's an arts and crafts kind of afternoon. It's very hot outside so we did a few indoor activities.
Cutting and pasting are relatively new ideas for him so there was a little bit of a "what is going on" but then he was into it.

When you don't have a shirt pocket, you make your own.

The little one and I went for a walk this morning, but we arrived home just in time. It started to rain shortly there after.

After taking 6 months off or so, between going to Beijing, being sick, and then being super busy at work, I'm finally back to running.

I don't think my muscles are excited about it. 

The little one was up early again today, so we headed out around 7am to take a walk on a nearby nature trail.

It's been a long day, but at least the sky was blue and not overcast.

 A fun afternoon assembling some creatures out of Legos.
My favorite part is the building but his is the playing!

It's time for the 2018 Detroit Maker Faire. It's in such a good location since there are so many other fun things for the little one to see.
 Like cars!
 There are always plenty of robots, doing all sorts of different things (like a dragon blowing bubbles!).
 And of course a fire breathing dragon, which has become a staple at this event.
 He had a lot of fun with the Magformers and these E-Blox.
After a few hours we stopped by for a little at my parents house. My mom brought up my brother's old cache of micromachines, which Quinn adored.
 And then we stopped at Grandma Karath's house, which features two new trucks!
Chris and I snuck away for some quiet time while Grandma and Quinn played with cars.

He has a lot of fun reading books in bed, which I absolutely love to see. I have so much fun reading with him.

It's been a fun evening of assembling puzzles with the little one.

I rarely go out with co-workers for lunch, but when I do, I go for Chinese buffet.

I met up with some old co-workers and one of the women brought her beautiful twins. They're getting so big!

This is how cats roll.

 Today we put together a little terrarium.
 It came with little figures and stickers to decorate with.
It even has light that you can turn on. It will be fun to watch things grow over the next several days and see the little one's reactions.

He's so close to being able to push the cart without standing on tiptoes.

Today he woke up at the normal early time, came into our bedroom and crawled up. He passed out shortly thereafter and slept in for once.

This week just keep getting out of the house super early. He's really enjoying it.

This morning we went over to the park and enjoyed the sunrise together. This kid is an early riser.

The little one and I took a walk early this morning and startled this racoon in a tree.

Had a run down a trail. It was a peaceful morning.

We went for an early morning walk and ran into a family of deer.