We had some fun out in the neighborhood, enjoying the warm weather and all the snow still covering the grass.

He sleeps in the weirdest positions.

We headed out to the mall this evening after I got home from work. He loves wearing the hood on his hoodie so he spent the whole time dressed like that.

His love for cars knows no bounds. He loves to set these tracks up everywhere.

A new ramen and noodle bar opened up near work. We all piled into a few cars and drove over to Sapporo Ramen and Noodle bar to try some delicious food.

The little guy likes to line things up, even Luck Charms (after he's eaten all of the marshmallows, that is).

We played some hide and seek this afternoon.  After several failed attempts to find me, the toddler finally discovered me. We then spent about 30 minutes "hiding" in the closet waiting for a certain father figure to walk by to scare.

We've had mixed success with potty training the toddler, so I'm going to try these and see if they help at all.

He's really enjoying these laptops that a friend gave us. The one with the mouse is especially amusing because of the noise it makes when you play with it.

This guy is almost 10 years old!

The serpentine belt in the Fusion went out. Luckily I was home and discovered in the morning before I left for work. Since we have AAA, I just called a tow truck to take it to a nearby shop. I had my laptop with me so I worked from home for the day, which Quinn enjoyed.

Chris had this duffle bag in the basement and it was just what I was looking for. This is much easier than the backpack I'd been using for those days I go to the Y.

I met some old co-workers for drinks after work this evening. Autumn brought her beautiful twin girls. We all enjoyed seeing how much they've grown over the past few months.

I met my friend Lori this morning and she gave me the latest haul of clothes and toys her son had outgrown that Quinn might like. Top among everything was a cash register. Quinn was very excited to scan things!

We spent part of the afternoon playing at the Y today. He had a lot of fun playing with the bigger kids and watching the splash and get wet. He was a little more adventurous after watching everyone else have fun being sprayed with water.

I've been eyeing the Kindle Oasis for awhile. When they announced the latest version last year I was skeptical because of the size increase. Another factor was the terrible reviews on the official Amazon cases for the device. If you're going to pay so much for an e-reader, you should probably get a case. At least if you have a toddler in the house.

Anyway, I finally broke down and bought one. It arrived today and it's awesome. I love my older paperwhite and this IS an improvement over that. I can read the text a little better over my paperwhite, and the nicest is the inverted text for reading at night. And, honestly, I like the physical buttons.

I wasn't a huge fan of the lopsided design, but it's grown on me. It's also as tall as my paperwhite but the screen is larger.

The nice thing is that my old paperwhite can be reused as a display, not unlike the Kindle Weather Display I made a few years back. I love epaper as a display - I consider it much less intrusive than LCD, so the chance to use epaper for anything is always a bonus.

He's really digging this light up Lightning McQueen he received for Christmas. It talk too, so that's extra fun.

This mini crock-pot is really working out well. I'd never really used it before but so far I'm really liking it. It's nice to use when you want something warm at your desk in the winter, that's for sure.

Chris was pretty sick last night. I'm starting to suspect I didn't have just food poisoning but food poisoning and a stomach bug back to back. Lolo's dad was sick yesterday and Chris was up sick all last night.

I took the day off of work to hang out with Quinn and let Chris get some rest. So far it's been a pretty good day. I made a ton of pancakes to freeze, there is food in the crock pot, and we've spent a lot of time playing cars, trains, and legos.

He's barely eaten anything the last few days, but he still seems healthy and in a good mood. So I'll just continue to offer him tidbits of food and hope he doesn't end up with anything like what Chris and I have had.

It's been a pretty quiet day since I'm still recovering from being ill. Quinn enjoyed watching some of Amazon's Rose Bowl Parade video in the afternoon. He's pretty indifferent to the concept of a new year, so today was a day like any other as far as he was concerned.