It's the 2nd week of dance class. This time the teacher asked me to sit in to help keep the little one on task. He's certainly on the younger side (the age range is 3-5 years old) and focusing is still a challenge. But he has lots of fun, especially because the whole ordeal is embarrassing to his mother.

It's Father's Day! That means opening all of the silly presents Quinn picked out Friday!
These two took turns watching Germany vs Mexico in the World Cup with Chris's VR headset.
It's 90+ degrees out, so in the early afternoon we headed out to the SplashPad to cool off.
And also had some fun putting together legos. I'm pretty excited he was able to follow the instructions for the house!

We bought a bunch of peaches and I made peach cobbler this afternoon. I made it all for me because the other two weirdos in the house won't eat it.

So I ate two servings as soon as it came out of the oven and napped for a few hours.

Totally worth it.

We did some shopping for Father's Day this evening. It's amazing how many things dad would really, really want match what a 3 year old really, really wants.

Quinn is so excited to check out the Octo Expansion today. It was the first thing he asked for when I walked in the door this evening.

It's still holding on, even if just barely.

I was able to watch the Nintendo Direct on my lunch break, which made me super happy. I've been in all day meetings all week so I'm glad I was able to get away for a little bit.

Tonight is the first night of dance class... It was an experience.

This guy had a great time, and that's what matters.

I wanted to get some things at Ikea, so we spent the night and headed out there first thing in the morning. Quinn is too young for their kids play area, so he came with us throughout the store.
He had a lot of fun, including trying to push one cart while in another. It was certainly an experience for the three of us.

So we drove to the east side for the weekend and to visit Grandma Karath and celebrate some things. First and foremost was a belated celebration for Uncle Jeff's birthday.
That involved cake.
And we went to see Solo. The Emagine Theater in Royal Oak is very nice.

It took me the better part of the day, on and off, to figure out notifications on iOS for my pebble. Turns out you have to turn on "Show in History", which was not at all obvious, in order to get notifications from the mail program.

I tried to show this game to Quinn this morning and he wasn't having it. When I came home he was excited to try it again. Chris is a great teacher and Quinn played it for much longer than I thought he would. Progress!

They're going to begin rolling out MDM software at work soon. I picked up a used iPhone for cheap so I can get emails and other work-specific things on my phone. In a bring your own device world, I'd rather carry two phones than put MDM software on my primary device.

I met some former co-workers for dinner and drinks after work. I always eat too many rolls when we meet up at Logans.

I guess it's that kind of Monday...

Camping in the backyard with the tent was a success. It rained quite hard for several hours and the little one didn't stir at all. There was a slight leak in the tent, so I'm glad to have tested it before we took it out. When I was out meeting a friend for breakfast I picked up some sealer and applied it in the afternoon.
We had dinner out at Logans, which is one of the few places we can take Quinn and he stays busy the entire time. He is much more interested in cracking peanuts than coloring, but he finally picked up a crayon.

We spent a few hours downtown at the Grand Rapids Art Festival. We met up with a co-worker and her family so our two kids had a good time together. We left a little early because our little one was getting tired and over-stimulated. As soon as we got him to the car he napped.
After some grocery shopping we set up the new tent that had arrived earlier in the week. It's an instant tent, so easy to set up with one person.
I picked up a Core Instant Cabin 6. You always divide by 2 so really it's a 3 person tent once you have gear and what not inside. It's not as roomy as I'd have liked, but it's roomier than what Chris wanted, so we compromised. The important thing is that it went up fast, which is great when you have a toddler bouncing around asking why, why, WHY every 3 seconds.

The plan is to do some backyard camping to test the tent out and see how everyone likes it. It is going to rain tonight, so we covered the very cool ceiling window with the rainfly.

Kid brought his phone to bed, because that's what you do apparently.

They are finally sleeping together. I suspect neither is aware of that fact, but that's ok.

He's passed out and sleeping with his toy phone. He had a pretty good grip on it.

It's a been a while since I've gone running. Between lots of meetings at work, being out of town, and then being sick, it's been awhile. So I started back up today and slowly. It's great to have a membership at the gym when it's so hot out.

We met our friends at Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park. It's a private park with wild and exotic animals. I wasn't sure what to expect and I was a little disappointed in the focus on animals as entertainment vs animal conservation. There is some educational stuff sprinkled around, so that's nice.

The little ones had a fantastic time. Doesn't everyone love parakeets?
That's right - everyone loves parakeets!
After the park we drove over to our friend's house for delicious food and fun outside. It was 95 degrees out, but kids are rarely phased by the heat if there is fun to be had.
In the evening Chris went off to meet friends to watch Solo and we watched our own movie under a blanket fort.

We drove out to Lansing with a friend of mine from work and her son to enjoy a fun sunny day.
We met up with her friend who lives in Lansing and then drove to Impression 5, which is a children's museum in Lansing. 4 kids and tons of exhibits to check out? What kid wouldn't love that?
After several hours of fun we went to a nearby park to enjoy the splash pad.
And of course some Splatoon 2 in the evening when we got home!

I finally cooked with a box of Penzeys Spices that came before we left for China. This Galena Street Chicken & Rib rub makes excellent BBQ sauce. I love the little recipe cards

I ate a mint chocolate chip doughnut today and it was as delicious as I thought it was going to be!

We made a blanket fort and had a lot of fun this evening under the table.

Not the healthiest of lunches, but certainly delicious.

I'm starting to collect enough toys on my desk that I'm making little scenes with them. I think that means I might have too many.

I feel like it's been raining for days. It can stop anytime...

Despite the sprinkling this afternoon, we went out on a bug hunt. We didn't see any bugs but we did catch a little frog.
And we promptly let it go off on it's merry way.

We haven't been to the Detroit area since before Easter, so now that everyone is feeling better we headed out for fun with Grandma Karath.
 There were lots of new toys to play with so everyone had lots of fun.
 And of course new toys at the the Oslund grandparent's household too.
 The weather was nice with just some sprinkles here and there.
Since Deadpool 2 opened this weekend, we left the little one with the grandparents and went out with Jeff to enjoy a Saturday afternoon matinee.
It was a fun-filled day and Quinn slept pretty good when we arrived home.