Now that he is bigger he can start wearing some of the costumes we picked up on clearance a few years back. He loves dressing up and running around the house in different outfits and has been begging to try on Spider-Man for a while now. Halloween is really a fun time of year!

The 3 year old has been loving StoryBots lately, and his favorite is the green character. He asked me over the weekend if we could make one so tonight we did. We even ended up with glow in the dark eyes!

We went over to the local playground after dinner. The days are growing shorter so I guess we have to take advantage of the sunlight while it lasts.

The little one has been bouncing off the walls today. We took a trip to the park on this very warm fall day and he shot off like a rocket, racing ahead of me. He definitely needed some room to run.

Chris has been under the weather this weekend, so I took the little one out for some fun. We ended up at Dave and Buster's. Since I have leftover funds from a work event, it was a perfect opportunity to play lots of arcade games for next to nothing. 
He was very focused on winning something tangible, so he ended up with a number of cards and chips from a game to be turned in for points (and a prize).
He's also getting much better at eating out. While he still only rotates through a handful of different foods, he sits still and listens much better, which means we can go out and do more things!

It's a pretty Halloween-centric Saturday. I finally made a Micky Mouse Halloween sheet for the little one's bed.
We decorated the house with all sorts of spooky and creepy decorations, including a bunch of construction paper bats.
Then we topped off the day with Halloween cookies. Ghosts and pumpkins and more!

He's so excited for Mario Party!

We assembled the OctoCam today. It's nice to finally have a Raspberry Pi Zero W. The few we have don't have wifi so it's nice to have such a tiny board with wifi on it.

We've been practicing making his bed the last few weeks and he's been getting good at it. It's hard with the three crib sides, but he does well.

This is definitely a theme with my work computer.

We finally assembled the cardboard skeleton we'd cut out earlier. He was pretty excited to get it hung up in his bedroom. This kid lives for Halloween!

It's going to be rainy all day so our plans to enjoy outdoor things weren't going to happen. So the two of us left the house early and let Chris enjoy some quiet time at home. We went out for a tasty breakfast, which included funfetti pancakes!
Then we spent over an hour at the mall before they opened. He was the only kid at the play area but he didn't mind.
In the afternoon, once he woke up from a long nap, we assembled a Lego Movie lego set and then watched the movie. He spent a big chunk of the time holding onto the mini-figures from his set and was in awe of everything he saw. Once the movie was over he spent several hours building and playing with the his legos, even initiating disassembling to build new. I'd say the movie was a success since that lesson helped reinforce what Chris and I have been telling him he can do.

Adafruit's latest Adabox is Halloween themed, which included their HalloWing. I added the convex lens they provided and loaded it up with the default program. The little didn't want me to change anything. He called it his ZooBoo and ran all over the house with it for a good while.

I cut out several skeleton pieces from cardboard earlier this week. We've been coloring the pieces on and off so we can assemble it soon. I'm happy this kid has a great imagination because I did do a wonderful job on several key pieces, like hands.

Now the skeleton will have an infinity gauntlet hand, so I guess that makes it a little better.

He's been enjoying the Waldo books we have on and off. They're fun to look at but sometimes it can be a little frustrating for him to find things.

They finally finished work on a nearby road and it looks like they put in a bike lane. There are several around the greater Grand Rapids area but I don't remember seeing a ton in Wyoming yet.

A chore chart arrived yesterday, so we will be trying this out over the next several weeks. So far he's excited to mark things off.

The cat is really enjoying a new chair we got last week for the bedroom. I knew sooner or later he'd be sleeping on it. Honestly I'm surprised it took him four days.

It's nearly Halloween! Halloween is the favorite holiday for two out of three people in our house! We spent some quality time doing crafts together and decorating the year year old's room.
These two had lots of fun together too. Sometimes it's good to have a giggle fest.

I've been itching to come back to the Detroit zoo for a year. I love the new penguin exhibit!
 My parents joined us and we all enjoyed the brisk weather as compared to yesterday.
We walked so much more of the zoo than the last few times. It helps that it wasn't 90 degrees this time!
Once we were done at the zoo we spent several hours with Grandma Karath. They had fun playing and watching cartoons.

I have the day off so we're headed to the east side of the state for some fun. First stop was Legoland. Three and a half years old means this is a whole world different than a year ago. He had tons of fun and it was good to see Grandpa Karath.
Later we swung by my parents in the afternoon for dinner and some outdoor fun.

We will be out of town tomorrow so we celebrated my birthady a day early. The little one picked out all kinds of fun things for me like a tiara, a lady bug skirt, pink socks..
..and this bright pink nail polish. He always has a great time picking out gifts and they're always fun to unwrap.

It's been over two years since I bought my Pebble Time. I wear it almost every day so it was only a matter of time before the last remaining holder on the strap broke. At least I have another at home I can easily swap to, although this one was waterproof.

Nintendo Online launched today. It was late and past when I usually go to sleep, but I signed up and started the backup on my game saves.

We bought a new vehicle! We've had one car for so long and it's worked great for us, but with the little one getting older and us needing to be on opposite sides of town soon we decide it was time.
The best part for our 3 year old was trying out a new car seat, which is a more big kid design than the older one that he still fits in. He listed all the ways in which the two seats were different once he'd had a chance to try them both.

We participated in the Bridge Run this morning. He ran the first mile by himself, which was pretty impressive. I had to argue with him to get into the stroller since he wanted to keep going, but as soon as he took a seat he downed his water bottle and enjoyed the ride.
At the end there were cookies and chocolate milk. Plus we received medals! He had an amazing time, which made the whole thing worth it.

 It's the weekend and what better way to start it than a trip to the Renaissance Festival?
We were only there for a few hours, but the little one had an amazing time running around with the other kids and visiting the mermaid.

Anyone who purchased the DLC for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 received access to their Torna expansion (which is also a stand alone game) a week early. I downloaded it this morning and played for a bit on lunch.

When you tell your kid to use his fork with his spaghetti and he ends up with a mouthful....

My schedule is packed. There's no time to leave for lunch between meetings so I watched some of the Apple Event during breaks I had.

There is a lot of fog out there this morning.

I brought in a giant stack of coupons the mailman brought us. They're slowly disappearing at work...

We swung by Microcenter yesterday, which is my absolute favorite store. They had the 2017 AIY Voice kit on sale for $5 so I picked one up. I'd love the vision kit, but I can settle for the voice one.
Getting everything set up and connected took quite a bit longer than it should have. My 3 year old helper was very concerned about giving up the giant button, playing with the wires, and in general investigating all of the things.
The whole assembly really taxed his patience, but he did well. We finally were able to connect it to a keyboard and monitor for the final configuration.
Once it was up and he was able to talk to it once he was happy, and ready to move onto the next thing.