We did the Bridge Run again this weekend. We had fun last year and so I signed the little up one up again.
 This time I didn't take a stroller and he walked a good chunk of it, rain and all.
 But we did pause for a drink and I did give him some piggyback rides.
All in all he had a great time and I'm sure he'll be up for it again next year.

Did some wiring of a halloween decoration while Chris and the little one were out and about.

He tried his hand at Stardew Valley again today.

Silly faces for a silly kid.

We re-watched Harry Potter with the little one day. Well, half of it anyway.

The little one loves if I decorate pancakes with this stuff. Better than syrup I guess.

Since the cat doesn't always use it, the little one will decorate it.

 We drove out to Schwallier's Country Basket this morning.
 They had plenty of entertainment for little ones.
Including fun farm animals to pet!

 The little one was so excited for a Happy Potter themed at the zoo today!
 They had so many cool decorations throughout the zoo.
And fun stations set up to explore different things. The nice thing is a lot of this works for Halloween as well.

I've been doing other things, I swear! But lots of PC gaming while people in the house are sleeping.

I've been enjoying playing various classes on World of Warcraft Classic, which is how the game launched roughly 15 years ago.

The little one was not happy with these. They were supposed to be Harry Potter themed, apparently.

Its his first day of preschool and he's so excited!

It was a beautiful day today!

 We spent the day visiting grandparents, letting the little one have fun at both houses.
And enjoy tasty treats, like ice cream and cupcakes.

This guy is trying to enjoy peace and quiet while we bounce around in the house. Poor cat.

Lets call a small child clinging to my leg, asking me not to leave, a bonding experience.

It's looked stormy all evening, but there was no rain. So that means fun at the park!

World of Warcraft Classic launched on Monday and I caved to nostalgia and signed up today. The experience did not disappoint. There were people running everywhere, you could hardly complete quests but honestly, it was so much fun. The sever where some co-workers are playing was full, so I just created a new character and ran around doing stuff I remember, since I've played primarily horde in the past.

I had a lot of fun and look forward to goofing around over the next month.

My parents came out for the evening to watch the little one and have a fun sleep over. He was a little skeptical at first but quickly turned around and was excited for a new adventure.

We met some of my coworkers and their families at a park today. The little one had tons of fun. We came home and after a break he was ready to go again.

 We stopped by the Grand Rapids Public Museum to see the maker faire. It's wasn't as big as it has been in the past, but I think that's due to issues that Maire Faire proper has had this past year.
 I did introduce the little one to classic tetris, which he did not like at all.
We also wandered around a bit downtown, since it was a beautiful day out.

So this is out. It's...weird. I tried playing it a bit on lunch at work.

It's nice to live near nature trails, where we run across deer and other animals in the morning.

Found this pebble in my pant cuff after a walk at lunch.

This thing is still going strong and I keep filling it with candy. People occasionally ask me if it's filled with halloween candy, but for the most part people just eat and I refill.

After work, the little one and I spent some time at a nearby park.

 In the morning we met some friends and the kids had fun at the park, although it did start to rain. That shortened their running around time for sure.
In the afternoon I worked on taking apart the MC2 pixel purse and getting it working with an arduino. I was able to get up and running pretty quickly with some default code from adafruit.

The little one's betta fish is still going along, having a good time.

He was a little chilly this morning on our walk.

Had a class at work today, which comes complete with a book as home.

We took another early morning walk and ran into more deer.

We were out again early today. The little one is starting to rise earlier and earlier, which means we can start taking our morning walks again.

The four year old and I went for an early morning walk and interrupted some deer on a nearby nature trail.

This awesome LED matrix in a purse was super cheap online ($10) so I picked up a few to hack, ala this cool article from Adafruit.

the plastic shell of the M2 Pixel Purse is pretty gross, but if I was a little kid (or had one, which I do) I'd think it was neat.

 We drove out to Pickerel Lake this morning for a hike.
We did a 2 mile loop, which was long for the 4 year old but he made it.
After we stopped for lunch and some playtime at Townsend park, which has a nice set of playgrounds.

We stopped by the Kent County Youth Fair. The little one was fascinated but reserved. He very much did not want to ride any of the rides or pet any animals. But looking at the chickens was ok!
He also loves to have his photo taken, so anytime there's an opportunity he makes one of us pose with him.